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30 September 2015 @ 11:13 am
Happy Day made me happy  
So, last weekend I took the day off work to take part in what's called a "taiken" event for my taiko class. It was basically a day of mini trial classes for people who wanted to have a go at taiko. Then after each little trial, current students would do a mini performance.

Now since I'd taken the whole day off work, I'd planned to spend the whole day there and kinda just loiter around with teachers/classmates and take it easy. I'd also planned to make a cake since it's kinda rare to get a bunch of people together. So I planned my cake.

no titleno title
Marshmallow fondant & A chocolate ganache (and Megan)
no titleno title
Had to be left to set overnight in the frige. & Finally decorated! Bit lumpy bit good enough for a first attempt!

So I made the cake, finishing the decoration the morning of the event (after almost no sleep I might add), put the cake in a box and carried it over to the hall. Now, imagine the shock on my face when I get there and find not only my teachers and classmates there, but also Fluffypants. I'm glad I didn't just drop the cake right then and there. I think a combination of tireness and keeping  the cake in one piece stopped me from spazzing out. So in total we had two teachers - Midori and Tetsuro, and two other Yamato members - Imai-kun and Kato-kun (Fluffypants).

I managed to get the cake inside in the cool, and then helped out with getting everything ready. I was a bit late since I had totally misjudged how long it would take to decorate the damned cake. With Laura, I made a sign for one of the extra events, hoop toss. During such, I got some little snippets of conversations with Fluffypants. For once I actually had stuff to say. Fastforward to lunchtime and after everyone had eaten it was cake time. So as I epected, when I pulled the cake out the box my teacher wanted to take a photo, and from memory there were at least 5 other people taking a photo. Then we needed a group photo, so all but the teacher got in close and we had a quick photo. People dispersed a little bit so that there would be room to cut the cake. By some random chance, Fluffypants was the nearest Yamato member so I handed him the knife and being in Japan, people wanted another photo! I was positivly beaming because we had to hold the plate together and under the plate our hands had to be touching. Yay for a heavy cake!

Everyone! & Fluffypants and me~

Everyone tucked in, except one of the kids I think, and after lunch there was about a quater of the cake left. The day moved on and thankfully, at the end of the day after the clear up Midori wanted some more, as did Imai-kun, I then offered the last, kind big bit, to Fluffypants and he was adorable. About halfway into eating his slice, he decided that he was just going to cram the rest of it in his mouth.

So, I had a fantastic day, I got to hang out with Fluffypants when he wasn't off promoting the event (yeah, he kept getting sent walk-a-bouts with flyers) and play lots of taiko! Admittedly I both got a blister on my hand and popped it, but it was worth it.
perkyandproudperkyandproud on October 2nd, 2015 02:52 am (UTC)
Happy Day makes me happy too!

*hugs you*
krystalphoenixkrystalphoenix on October 2nd, 2015 02:19 pm (UTC)
Happy day is sustaining me through awful long day of doom and lack of sleep. Soon to be carried over to another day of not enough sleep.