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20 July 2015 @ 10:41 pm
Wow, I didn't realise how long it had been since I made a post.

Basically I've been busy with work and that's going to continue into the near future. I think I've come to the conclusion that this new job isn't really working out for me. The funky timing and schedule being all over the place, waiting to hear if I'm working or not, really isn't doing me any favours. And when you add in all the travelling I have to do, it's working out to be me being out the house about the same kind of time as the old job. It's begining to grind on me. But I will see this year through, and start looking for a new job come October or so. If I am very lucky, I might be able to get my old job back. But, we shall wait and see. For now, it is a job that brings in the money. It's just not fun like the old job.

Anyway, the other day I did a taiko performance.

You can't see me because I'm sitting right at the front on the left side but I am there!

Also started another let's play!

This game is totally beautiful but a little infuriating with the controls. So expect lots of failure.
14 April 2015 @ 06:10 pm
So... My new job officially started today. And on my first day I was put in a room with 20/21 JHS 2nd graders and was THE teacher for them. We only went through introductions today and getting their new textbooks, so it was doable for sure. I've noticed one or two classes that I'm gonna have to smack around (figuratively!) and get them used to some rules, I do not plan on letting them walk all over me. Tomorrow I have my first private one-on-one class! I'm more nervous about that! Technically I will have two classes with the same student so that will be interesting. Thankfully I have a mentor who will help me to plan the class beforehand, and another mentor will listen in on my classes and give me some feedback. I'm having a mini brainstorm tonight, going over what was done in training and such. Panic time~

Otherwise things are quite calm. I have my work schedule which, outside of my fixed hours has enough avaibility to get me some extra money. I might play with the avaibility in a month or so though, once I've got to grips with the teaching.

Final note, Fluffypants and co are off on tour from tomorrow!


(´。• ω •。`) ♡

I am so happy right now...
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05 April 2015 @ 10:16 pm
So first up I'm going to go through the actual show, compiling from both days, then after talk about the day of stuff. Okay? Okay. Let's get started!

No wait! I'll give you a member cheat sheet! Hahaha! Click for a full sized version!

(Just realised that Tetsuro-sensei's family name should/could read Ohkubo instead of Ookubo. Ah well, not editing that now.)

[Spoiler (click to open)]Song1 –

Imai-kun was on the giant taiko and Futaki-kun was behind him with Matsumoto-kun and Fukuda-kun to the sides as well as two of the girls.  There were bits of singing and voices as well as lots of the usual drumming. Tetsuro-sensei, Kato-kun, Takeru-sensei and Ohno-kun came out and were walking around and drumming right at the front. There was a mini break where Futaki-kun, Kato-kun and Ohno-kun pick up the giant drum and hold it up for Imai-kun to play at the front of the stage! They then messed around by making him lean back and forth and go really low to play. Then back to normal playing! The previous 4 guys came back out but had the drums strapped to their chests instead of hanging loose. Also, Tetsuro-sensei broke his bachi less than a minute into the song!

Song 2 –
All the young guys and two of the girls came out one by one and sat down with a shime taiko each and played right at the front of the stage! They clearly had fun messing around playing since they kept sticking their arms up in the air and playing in a chain-link fashion Good fun. Lots of shouting too!

Song 3 –
The weird singing shouty song from before! (copy paste time!) So we were treated to 5 of the guys, including Kato-kun playing the big odaikos with big two-handed bachi, twirling them around between hits, shirtless under their long jackets. There was a bit where they were shouting the rhythm instead of playing it which was a little odd.

Song 4 –
Midori-sensei came out to take over from Takeru-sensei in the middle. They climbed up onto the stages that their odaikos were on and wrapped their legs around the stands so that they could sit and play and also do situps while playing. They proceeded to take off their long jacket thing after playing for a while. I love this song

Cue the interval

Song 5 –
Crazy red bachi twirly madenss. The other gaint taiko was on it’s side with Kato-kun and Imai-kun on either side of it. They had really long glowing red bachi with the soft ends. They twirled them around before hitting either the giant drum or another drum to the back and side of them. It was quite impressive. Later two of the others who were also at the front joined them, hitting the smaller drums which were between them and the others. Things then got nuts and they sped the fuck up and things got a lot more spiny! The girls were on the shamisens and singing in the slower parts, so it made a really nice contrast to the drums!

Song 6 –
Young Yamato song!   The kids were back (there were 6, I counted – 4 girls and 2 boys) for what seems to be “their” song. I know they’re still too young to be full members but this is the 3rd show at which they’ve done this song. It would be nice to see something else from them. But I’ll admit it’s still good fun to watch. This time Ohno-kun was the only one to solo, not needing to be made to do it unexpectedly. Clearly there has been some sort of movement within Yamato.

Song 7 –
Chappa! Midori-sensei, Testuro-sensei and Takeru-sensei! Sensei trio! This is quite a rare trio to see recently because all 3 of them are teachers for the taiko school. So even when the group is on tour at least one of them is back in Japan. Good fun, same general thing as usual. Another of my favourites~

Song 8 –
Finale! Two of the ladies brought out the kotos (stringed instruments) that like the shamisens and taikos are a part of tradiational Japanese music. After pretty music it was back to smashing away on the drums! After they were done they came forward, did their bows and headed off.


Of course we all did the encore clap thing and they came back out to do their encore song.It was a little different to before, more flute and singing? Voice? No idea, but as usual it was good fun! And this time we were treated to Tetsuro-sensei doing the “teach the audience the call and response thing” with Midori-sensei! Another rare combination! It really felt like a special show! And the two of them ran through the audience! Which I’ve never seen them do before these shows!

Individual Day Stuff
[Spoiler (click to open)]Day 1 – With my friend Laura who I study taiko with. Bought my goods before going in and sitting down, was in the row so about the 15th row give or take because I think the very 1st row had been taken out. Nicely in the middle though while still being on the aisle! In the interval we went walk abouts for a little bit before getting back in our seats. After the show we bumped into two of our classmates while waiting around to see if the Yamato members would come out. After about 15 minutes one of the staff said that they wouldn’t be coming and so we headed home!

Day 2 – With a teacher that was 9 times out of 10 in my fifthgrade elementary classes as a support teacher for a special needs student. I wore the tour t-shirt that I’d bought on the 1st day and as we drove to the venue I filled in my friend on some basic info about Yamato and such. Once we were through the doors we went to get her goods! She bought waaaaaay more than I expected her to considering we’d not even seen the show yet! She got a t-shirt, two wrist bands, two towels and the 20 year anniversary pamphlet! Due to a miscommunication (which we later discovered on the way home) the mini towel we thought she’d bought, she didn’t actually pay for or get. It was a shame, but thankfully we understood why as the staff were super busy. In talking to said super busy staff we learned that after the show there would be no meet and greet. The same as yesterday. She was very understanding when I asked her to pass along not only Miyazaki-san’s sketch but also Kato-kun’s charm and letter. After sitting down we realised two things, one – there was an extra piece of paper talking about a DVD and two – there were a bunch of cameras in the hall. My friend translated the paper and it turned out that they were filming the new DVD today and that if we preordered it today we could get it for 3,000 instead of the regular price of 4,000. Of course we then went and did the preorder haha. We were also really close to the front, slightly off to the left, row, 6 from the front. I wonder if we’ll be in the DVD! Also, because our seats were in a position to potentially have our view of the stage blocked by the aerial camera, we got free mini towels! Our view was fine thankfully!

After the show I was surprised to find that the Yamato members were loitering around. I loved that they were there but I had a momentary panic. I’d given my gifts to the member of staff before the show! Thankfully she came and found me though! She apoligised for being wrong and I went to talk with the Yamato members armed with my gifts. We made a b-line for Kato-kun but as usual as soon as I was near him my nerves kicked in and I became red-faced-can’t-speak-any-Japanese person. With a little urging I tapped him on the shoulder, and man. To have him turn, see me, recognise me and go “Emma!” with a smile and pull me in for a hug made me just become even more of a wreck. We did the usual “great show” etc stuff and then I handed over my gift. He opened the little bag and pulled out the charm, it took a moment for him to realise what it was but again, he gave me one of those smile and I went a bit weak at the knees. He spotted the letter and I hurriedly asked him to read it later. He then compounded said weakness by saying thank you not only for the Valentine chocolate that me and Laura had given to all of Yamato, but also for his biscuits that I’d made just for him. At that point I pretty much lost the ability to talk. And I think he realised that. Needless to say I fled as soon as I told him that I’d told my family and friends in the UK to go watch Yamato when they’re on tour.


Next up we found Miyazaki-san so I could hand over the sketch. This was hampered a little by me not being able to recognise her. The guy members I have down to a T, the girls? I have the names down but not names and faces. We got pointed in the right direction by one of the Young Yamato members and without too much fuss I gave her my gift. What was lovely though was that despite Miyazaki-san not knowing who I am, the member next to her (also a girl) pretty much went “Ah! You’re the one that draws the pictures! That’s so cool!” and then I had to explain that I’m working my way through the other members slowly. Without much more talking we moved onto the various other members, eventually heading home after talking to nearly everyone!

All in all, a great weekend. I really was glad to get to talk/be around Kato-kun before he goes off on tour for like 6 months.

A fantastic end to my spring vacation! New job as of tomorrow!
03 April 2015 @ 08:35 pm
So it's offically spring and sakura season!

Which means all change for me! I finished up with my old job about a week ago and next week go for training for my brand new job. Not entirely sure what to expect, but I'm sure I'll manage just fine.

In the mean time, what has been happening.

Graduation has come and gone, I got to say goodbye to those who were graduating but not any of the other students. Yet and of the other ALTs in my area (who work for the same company) who were leaving, they got up to a week to tell the students they were leaving. I was denied that by the Principle. All the other teachers thought I should be allowed to say something. But no. So that rubbed me the wrong way in the last week of school.

I had to juggle around with my visa yet again because of the whole changing jobs thing. So yet more money into the immigration system simply to change my work status. And because of it I lost the nice lovely 3 years that I had, I got downgraded to a 1 year visa. Sucky system sucks.

I have had two leaving parties. The first I cried a lot because of alcohol and it being my first real send off in my 4 years working here. The second was better because I didn't have to stand up and give a speech, I did get very drunk though.

I took a trip up a mountain to go exploring. I got lost up said mountain because the map was awful and the places it said I could go were barely signposted as soon as you got out of the centre bubble. It was beautiful and well worth the effort though.


I did hanami (cherry blossom viewing) with some friends, which included little baby Ria and therefore involved lots of photo taking. Josh has a super spiffy camera and I'm waiting of the photos of me to be sent my way.

Tomorrow and Sunday I'm off to see Yamato perform before they go off for 6 months on tour. So I'll be giving Fluffypants his little present as long as I don't, you know, faint from simply being around him!

Life is good. Life is fun.

Also more Child of Light videos.

Also twitter.
18 February 2015 @ 10:38 pm
Woo, so things are happening in my life.

One. I am changing jobs as of April. I'll be going into a totally different company, one that specialises in eikawai or conversation classes but still has opportunities to do what I am doing now. Basically it's the same money as now, for less hours. Seems silly right? Oh, and actal overtime if I work outside of my scheduled hours. Overtime. I can actually get paid for doing more work. I plan on working extra over the summer and making use of the nice airconditioned office! The only downside is that with my reduced working hours, I need to get my own health insurance. I can up my hours with overtime and such, but that isn't guaranteed, to get me up to the "you're now on the company policy" level. So I'm wondering what to do about that. Because at the moment I'm on a company policy.

The new job has a few downsides, less vacation time - no summer vacation- but that isn't such a bummer. I usually end up staying at home and running the A/C for far too long because it's too damed hot and humid to do stuff. And I will actually get to use my 10 vacation days in a year instead of having them "assigned" to the summer vacation. Also, the schedules are usually set the day before at 5pm. Which means I will probably not be able to make advanced plans so much anymore beyond my scheduled days off (hopefully Thurs and Fri). I'm sure there's more downsides, but for now I'm excited to be trying something new.

Anyway, going back a few weeks...

I ran the school marathon (3km) with my students. I was super happy with myself since I ran it twice. I'd been doing 20minutes of jogging at home on my little treadmill, and knowing that 3km usually takes me up to 18minutes, I didn't really think too much about doing it the 2nd time after I'd had a good 45 minute break.


Turns out.

I busted my knee.

So some part of all that jogging led to my muscles overstressing my knee and pulling it out of alignment. I went to see the doctor and he told me as much after a bunch of X-rays on both my knees. He then scared the crap out of me by injecting something (some kind of lubricant is most likely after my post-treatment research) into my knee cavity. I got given a tube support bandage and a prescription to go get over a dozen of the medicated cooling pads. So that was me. Limping around and walking up and down the stairs like a little old lady for a week or so. It's better now, but too much walking can make it start to ache. So I'm still taking it slow for another week or so.

We've also had Valentine's Day! Which is Japan is an excuse to have some fun times melting chocolate.
2015-02-11-18-34-43_deco   DSC_1015
The biscuits were originally for Fluffypants, but I made so many that after putting his little box together I had enough for all the teachers at one of my schools! The marshmallows were for the taiko teachers, classmates and the other members of Yamato. Me and my friend Laura made two kinds, one with just the sides done, and the other with white chocolate on the top and bottom too. They're supposed to look like the taiko drums...

Speaking of taiko. Laura and I ordered our tickets for Yamato's Spring show in April. The one right before they disappear off on tour around Europe. And me being me, I wanted to do something for Fluffypants. But I've already given him two drawings and (after Valentine's) food. So, I figured I'd make a good luck charm for him. Kind of like the ones you buy at the temples. Well I finished it the other week while letting my knee recover! Complete with a personal "wish" inside. I did have to sew up the top though rather than just having it be tied by the ribbon.

Also, it was Pancake Day yesterday! And I totally forgot what with my calender not having it on there! No wonder I had a craving for pancakes yesterday! So I made some today. Mmmmmm honey misshapen pancakes.
18 January 2015 @ 07:58 pm
Hi, everyone. Have some art.
I'm so f-ing proud of the kanji on his jersey!

Life update

Anyway, we're well into 2015 and life is plodding along. I'm trying to keep ontop of my diet (with varying results) but I have managed to loose the Christmas/New Year gorging weight that I'd gained and am hoping that I can keep that up for a while longer. It's been interesting to work out exactly what I can get away with eating in a day and still feel remarkably full. I'm also attempting the 10,000 step a day challenge. It's going pretty good, I have good and bad days as expected.

So the first "event" of the New Year beyond just hanging out and work was a Yamato concert! I went along with fic_faery and some other friends.

[Long ass taiko bit]The show opened with the some of the girls playing the koto, the flute and singing with the others on the taikos. We were also greeted with someone prancing around in a dragon costume, aka dragon head and enough fabric to cover their body. During all this I was desperately looking around the stage for  Fluffypants. Eventually I worked it out. He was the dragon. And he was good at it. After the intro Ogawa-san, the founder, was talking away to the audience and had the dragon prancing around him. He then revealed that it was Kato-kun (aka Jun, aka Fluffypants~!) . During a chat that at some point was interrupted by Imai-kun, Kato-kun revealed that he had played parts like the dragon since he was a kid so it was pretty normal for him. That and Imai-kun was the stand in for him. Fun stuff. More playing and fun times including some of my favourite "skits" that they do. Tetsuro-sensei warmed up the crowd by getting us to echo his drumming and was then interupeted by one of the girls (yeah... I know the guys names but not the girls) and cued the start of the dumming fight. Tetsuro-sensei was joined by Midori-sensei and another girl joined the first girl.

More songs probably went by but what came just before the intermission kinda erased everything else from my brain. So we were treated to 5 of the guys, including Kato-kun playing the big odaikos with big two-handed bachi, twirling them around between hits. It took me a bit to notice that the were no longer wearing their shirts under their long jackets. There was a bit where they were shouting the rhythm instead of playing it which was a little odd... but after. Oh my. Midori-sensei came out to take over from Takeru-sensei in the middle and proceeded to take off his long jacket thing. They climbed up onto the stages that their odaikos were on and wrapped their legs around the stands so that they could sit and play and also do situps while playing. One of the songs I LOVE because of the slightly insane nature of it. Only Midori-sensei made grumpy noises at them. Then they took their jackets off too. Cue me spazing out in my seat and staring at Kato-kun for most of it. Then it was time for the interval and taking a few minutes to calm down.

After the break, Yamato Jr came out and played with Yamato. The Juniors are about 8 Junior High/ High school students who will probably become full Yamato members once they get older. It was interesting to see some of them still getting advice mid song from the older members. And of course Takeru-sensei chose to pick on Ohno-kun by giving him an unexpected solo, this included changing drums. The look on Ohno-kun's face was quite priceless. We were also treated to the chappa tennis song. Chappas are the little cymbals. So it started with Tetsuro-sensei jamming out by himself and then being blocked out by 4 of the other guys (I think Midori-sensei, Kato-kun, Imai-kun and.... I can't remember the last one... TT_TT ). Then then tossed the "sound" back and forth letting most of them have a little solo and it built to the point where they and flinging it across the stage at each other in a spectacular fashion.

See here for a little ditty of what I mean from an older show. The last 20 seconds or so is the crazy bit.

There was a nice long finale which got the audience clapping and stomping along thanks to Takeru-sensei and Ohno-kun demonstrating fabulously what to do. Then there was more talking and runing through everyones names rather quickly.

After the show Yamato do this wonderful thing where they all loiter around so that people can talk to them and whatnot. So you can guess what we did! Yup, we went straight home. No, I kid. We hung around and chatted to a bunch of them. I gave Ogawa-san the New Year Card that I drew for Yamato of their mascot running off with a sheep. I called Ohno-kun over to give him the mochi making picture I drew of the 4 guys I took a photo of during the mochi making event.
Imai-kun, Ohno-kun, moi and one of the girls I will learn their names I swear and the two pictures!

Then when talking to them about the group picture and who was in it, it kinda slipped out that I like Kato-kun (I called him Jun at the time because that's what I do, bit more personal than Kato) and they went a bit nuts. They shouted over the entire crowd for him. Repeatedly. Poor boy must be quite well trained because he came over probably as quickly as he could. Cue more photos.
Kato-kun is doing the pose from the picture! Squeeeeeee

Then I got to talk to him for a bit, he asked if I was coming to the show the next day and I said I couldn't. So then he asked if I would be coming to the April shows before they go off on tour. I said I think so and he said in perfect English quietly "I'll be waiting for you." Squeeeeeee fic_faery who'd probably been laughing at my embarassment at being thrown into Kato-kun's company off to the side then asked to take a photo of just me and him. I was later informed that the other two guys were all "no of course go ahead and take a two-shot". Crys correct me if that's wrong
You see the red face? Yeah. Total, utter, complete embarassment right there.

After that I'm even more flustered and attempt to escape back to fic_faery and my friends. I didn't quite make it as Kato-kun held out his hand in the "let's shake hands" pose so I put my hand in his to shake and he pulled me in for a hug. A friggin hug. I could have died happy at that moment. Then we finally made it to the other Yamato members. We had a brief chat with Takeru-sensei, then Tetsuro-sensei which involved meeting his adorable daughter, the two Junior boys and stressing to them that they had to get to grips with English because hey, world tours coming your way, and finally Midori-sensei who looked so damned tired but was happy to pose with fic_faery!

All in all a wonderful day that made me have happy dreams for a while (and still am!)

LP update

I've started a new LP! This time it's Child of Light by Ubisoft! I'm currently about 9 episodes in and still recording at the weekends. It's a beautiful game with stunning artwork in watercolours and some well crafted writing, though at times you have to stumble and trip through it. I'm enjoying it immensely, and you get to see me screw up at I think episode 7 where I lost footage!

28 December 2014 @ 07:14 pm
This winter vacation has been nuts so far and will be followed by nothing much other than gaming and chilling out. So I figured I would do this now.

First, on Christmas Day I went flying up the country on the shinkansen to Yokohama. My cousin lives up there and had invited me to stay. So with a nice place to stay I did some little pockets of sightseeing over the two days I was there.

Me at my cousins!
DSC_0828 DSC_0837

DSC_0840 DSC_0849 DSC_0865
Various temples and shrines (and views) from the Yokohama area. The first one had the buddha and you could go inside to see how they put it together, which was pretty interesting. One of the shrines was all about doves, the animal of the area we were in. hence all the birds loitering above the torii gate.
DSC_0886 DSC_0893
I went to the Mitsubishi Science museum and found fun things to play with! I spend a few hours in there thanks to almost all the displays having the English along with the Japanese, and the interative elements also had English! Good fun.
DSC_0914 DSC_0921
I went to the tall building with the "Sky Garden" which was just an observation deck and so slightly disappointing in all honesty. But I could see Mt. Fuji. Just about.
Hello from Totoro!

In the late afternoon/early evening of the 27th I made my way back down to Osaka. I was hurry back because...

[What did I do?]Mochi making!

DSC_0942 DSC_0930

DSC_0935 DSC_0940
Yup. Stone bowls, wodden hammers, and lots of rice.

DSC_0941 DSC_0927 1419741530510
I'd given the teachers their presents in the last class of the year, but Junya-sensei broke his foot and hadn't been coming to class or the main practices. So the other teachers handed him my present today. Infront of me. I was more than just a bit embarassed. But he posed for me with his little present after. I got to have a go with the giant wodden hammer and smash some rice (with Mr. Fluffy Pants turning the mochi after I hit it no less) which was really fun.

This is how it's supposed to be done.

And this is what happened after Kato (aka Fluffypants) knocked over his water bowl

Then he got some water.

Hello boys~
You are all rather yummy.
I actually love their hair.
Bigger photos just because you all need to see the lovely young men I got to talk with today.

Mr. Fluffy Pants~
I am happy.
21 December 2014 @ 11:00 am
So, once again, I am sick. It's just a cold, but it hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. I woke up at 8am with a pounding headache, stuffy sinuses and a burning sensation in the passage behind my left nostril. Sleeping just wasn't working, so I got up, found some juice, tea and medicine left over from my last bought of ickiness. After taking the meds and juice I sat at my kotatsu, put the heaters on and snuggled down with a book. But, I passed out for about 2 hours. Sitting upright actually let me get some of that restful sleep that I'd failed to get during the night.

I'm feeling better, but going to go get more meds and possible a new lot of nasal spray because there are only two days left of school and I'll be damned if I get sick before my Yokohama trip. I've got three days in Yokohama, staying with what could loosely be called my cousin. Then its back to Osaka, then off to Nara for a day trip to hang out with my taiko school to make mochi. After that, I can relax and be sick if I need to. But not before.

Anyway, over the last week or two I've made some more videos. I've actually found some really nice games that I want to record, one of which just as a little "hey look at this, its so cute" thing and the other as a full on Let's Play because the storytelling that is used blew me away in the first few minutes of booting it up. But yes, new videos. (Yes, I am shamlessly plugging them on here because I'm not comfortable doing so on Facebook just yet.)

I'm hoping that over the winter break I can get things recorded and ready for uploading.
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06 December 2014 @ 11:29 pm
Because hey, it's not like I should be doing anything... like studying for tomorrows Japanese test.

In a random moment of insanity, I think stemming from watching too many youtube videos. I decided that I would take a stab at the whole "let's record video of me playing something while I talk" thing and see what happens.

Yes. I have started to record a let's play. I've spent about a week hunting for a decent-ish piece of software that will not only record my PC monitor (both in full screen and in sections) while also letting me add my voice and/or video of my face. Now, I'm not about to throw my face onto youtube just yet. But the voice part I deemed to be a requirement. Cue lots of issues with programs and viruses that were pains to get rid of and then learning just how to record the darned things. I absolutely must record with headphones on if I don't want my voice echoing about the place, which means going into the game, messing around with sound settings so I don't kill my ears and checking it still comes out loud enough in the recording, especially if I'm talking over it.

What am I calling myself on youtube I hear you ask?
Just because. Tea. Games. Simple.

I have a few games I will try and do.

- Tomb Raider 2013
- Beyond Good and Evil

Because of god those are fun but still challenging. Also on PC, which means I can record them.


My first one, mainly due to ease of recording is...

"Long Live the Queen" -  A princess simulator that takes you from leaving boarding school to your coronation! I've played through once already and have already found myself on a totally different path to the last time just by playing slightly differently. If you have time, take a look below!

If you have any recommendations for games available through steam that you think I should try/record then please let me know!
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25 November 2014 @ 08:55 pm
I'm not quite sure what's going on in my life right now. Things have gotten a little nuts both here and at home. So rather than go into all that I will share with you some of the other things that have been going on.
I drew my other taiko teacher and took the sketch to one of the free weekend shows to give to him. The show was pretty awesome, if cold. Sitting outside in winter isn't always the best idea.
DSC_0652 DSC_0655
Getting ready for the show!

They had some of "Junior Yamato" with them. So three high schoolers had their very first "big" performance.

Tetsuro-sensei kinda jumped off the stage for his solo.

The others joined him. I think he knew I was taking photos.

I've also been busy at school. Making things, re-designing classes. It took me about 3 weeks to get these Momotaro stick puppets done. They're not needed until the final term (Jan-March) but I figured I'd get them done. There is just the red monster left to laminate and tape chopsticks to!

I do lots of colouring.

I also made a big Santa for my upcoming Christmas display. He's about the size of my desk.

I also went to the wedding party of one of my teachers. In Japan there are usually 3 parts to a wedding. The first is for immediate family only and is basically the actual ceremony - Japanese style. The second is the first reception event for close friends and the rest of the family. The third (which I went to) is for everyone else. It was a nice evening, lots of beer, and I got to hang out with some teachers that I haven't met for a while.

The dress I wore. Unfortunately because it was impossible for me to find a dainty little something to cover my shoulders with I had to make do with a suit jacket all evening (the wrap I had was more of a scarf material and even hotter).

Aren't they so cute?

And then finally yesterday we had "thanksgiving". I always feel a bit weird having thanksgiving because hey, I'm English and I'm living in Japan. But since my foreign adoptive family does it, I do it to.

Lots of food.

Nom nom nom.

Meet Ria-chan (or Leah in English). The 1 month old baby girl of my friends.


Mama and Papa. And that is impressive leg movement from a woman who had a C-section a month ago.
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