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31 January 2016 @ 12:47 pm
January Goals update  
Well January is all but over and things are ploding along.

So with regards to my goals...
30 day drawing challenge (due September) - 3 pictures done so far.
Learn 大太鼓 part of Hyuuga (due April) - went through sheet music, found parts that were different, practiced those once/twice a week for 10 minutes. Not quite committed to memory yet.
Tracking food (daily) -  done maybe 95% of the time, have odd days here and there where I've gone out and lost track of what I've eaten. Not been able to stick to my food goals but managing to be close most days.
Yoga (daily) - again, done maybe 95% of the time. Tending to do evening sessions before bed to relax and only doing a morning session at the weekend if I know that I'm gonna be busy that evening.

As expected, this year is progressing really quickly. I've got less than 2 months to go now. Probably once March hits, I'll be in the mentality of "OMG I'm going back~~"

I've already found someone who will, if needs be, take my extra stuff - futon, kettle, iron - for any newbies if no one will take them for themselves. So at least I know that those bits won't need shipping back. Less to spend on that count!
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perkyandproudperkyandproud on February 6th, 2016 01:14 am (UTC)
Yay for having goals and double yay for progress on them! LOL! :)

My goals are: Recover ;) LOL! So far, so good! :)

*hugs you*